//Gold Paydirt
  • These mini treasure boxes are handcrafted to resemble aged wood.  Skull and crossbones burned on the inside.  They are roughly 3 ½” by 2 ¼”.  Able to hold 25 one ounce silver bars, or over a kilo of gold! Fun treasure item to display all the gold and treasures you discover!
  • 10” black plastic gold pan with smaller riffles.  Perfect to use as a finishing pan to clean up your gold concentrates.
  • These plastic gold vials are 2-1/4’ tall by ¾’ wide with a 7/16’ opening. Will hold over 2 ounces in weight of gold.
  • These 3 inch tall Snuffer Bottles will vacuum suck the gold out of your pan when the plastic bottle is squeezed and released.
  • The ultimate panning adventure is found with The Pirate’s Hoard Premium Pay Dirt Bag. Up to one full ounce of gold is just waiting to be panned out.  Gold flakes, gold nuggets, and/or gold coins size varies.  Everything you would stumble upon with The Hook or Treasure Chest Pay Dirt is multiplied with this Bag, giving the extreme gold panning treasure hunt adventure.
  • The whole shebang is waiting to be discovered and panned out with The Treasure Chest Bag!  Approximately 1 to 2 lbs. of dirt, seeded with up too a ¼ ounce of guaranteed raw gold along with everything else you can imagine.  Jewelry, gemstones, crystals, Atocha Cobb, silver bars, silver crystals, old coins, or artifacts.
  • The Hook

    This amazing Pay Dirt Bag has a little of everything in it to get you hooked on the best premium pay dirt bags available.  You will be panning out up to 1/10 oz of gold in about a pound of dirt.  You will also come across awesome gemstones, some beautiful crystals, minerals, the famous Atocha Cobb, older coins, and silver bars or silver crystals.
  • The Bounty

    The Bounty Pay Dirt Bag is our smallest Premium Pay Dirt Bag available. Perfect for gifts. You will receive .3 grams of gold, size of gold flakes and nuggets will vary in size. Bonus treasures of gems and crystal may be included.
  • Everything you need to begin your gold panning adventure! This Prospectors Kit is perfect for a gift or beginner prospectors. You will receive a little snuffer bottle, a plastic vial, and a 10’ black prospecting gold pan. Also comes with a Premium Pay Dirt Bag. Amount of gold will vary and may also include bonus gem crystals.
  • Treasure Hunt

    The Treasure Hunt Bag is one of our most popular Pay Dirt Bags.  With approximately 1 to 1 ½ lbs. of dirt you will discover natural gold flakes and nuggets, a silver bar, plus other treasures such as old coins, jewelry, gemstones, crystals and more that may pop out with this Treasure Hunt Bag. These are a lot of fun!
  • The Pounder

    Make your own Pay Dirt Bag with The Pounder. You choose between 1 to 10 grams of gold that is guaranteed to be found in roughly 1lb of Pay Dirt.  Gold nuggets and flakes do vary in size.  Treasure bonus items may be included.  Get your panning adventure started with this exclusive Pay Dirt Opportunity.