Prospectors Gold & Gems has been in business since 1999.

We are a direct refiner of gold, silver & other precious metals and manufacturer of fine jewelry, coins and bullion products.

We buy most forms of gold and silver and refine/recycle them into .999+ purity gold coins and silver bullion bars. We buy from mining companies, jewelers, coin shops, pawn shops, other precious metals dealers, and clients on an individual basis (by appointment at our office in Fort Collins, Colorado) or, as necessary, by mail. We also buy from the public at coin, gem, trade and jewelry shows.

Since we are a direct recycler/refiner of precious metals, we are almost always the highest buyer. If you’re interested in selling your old jewelry, coins, or any other precious metals, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our Contact page to find out how to best contact us. We look forward to doing business with you!

Prospector’s Gold & Gems, or “PG&G” as we refer to it, has been entirely conceptualized, created, managed and built over the past 14+ years by David Emslie. While Dave has enjoyed the support and assistance of a multitude of family and friends over the years, PG&G has always been a sole proprietorship…with the sole proprietor being a jeweler-turned-metals-refiner-turned-numismatist …and that’s just the beginning. David’s commitment to fair business practices and fair environmental practices are the building blocks of PG&G, but his natural friendliness, sincerity, openness and honesty in dealing with his clients have turned PG&G into what it is today: a booming precious metals refinery bringing in clients who return and refer more clients back to us regularly, as well asĀ  opportunities to work with other artists, prospectors, jewelers, numismatists and fellow coin and precious metals dealers, just to name a few. PG&G retains our commitment to fair business and environmental practices…and we still have a good time refining and recycling scrap and unwanted precious metals into our own coins and bars, as well as the beautiful and rare mokume gane jewelry David hand-crafts personally. Every business day at the shop Dave welcomes his clients with a smile on his face and a steady commitment to his beliefs: the same beliefs that founded PG&G and have helped us continue to grow…and grow…and grow..