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Gold Nuggets have fascinated people throughout the ages. The unique character and shapes of these pieces make them visually interesting and collectible. And they are made of gold! These are some of natures sculptures. Natural gold Nuggets can be smooth or very rough in charictor. Can be plates, wires or grains. Also Crystals, leafs, and mixed in complexes with other minerals.

Natural gold also serves as a collectable store of wealth that is not legally defined as a monetary instrument so it is not considered bullion, yet it does have a high collectible value and can be melted to create bullion if necessary. Although good specimens should never be melted because they are very difficult to acquire, they are quite rare.

Most gold mined is micron or atomic gold that is not visible to the naked eye. Bound in complexes with other minerals.

Nuggets and high grade mine specimens must be found by eye and sorted by hand. Something big Mining companies can’t do. But small successful placer and hard rock operations can. Prospectors Gold and Gems started out in 1999 aiding bringing gold specimens to market for small mines. And we continue to do this too this day. Check back often as our inventory is limited and varies and can change quickly. Snapping up a parcel of gold Nuggets for your collection is fun and true treasure. And as governments continue to use the tools of inflation the values long term only go up. When we first offered gold Nuggets some were sold at the unheard of price in the 90s of $1000 per oz. When gold was $300..those people are quite satisfied now! Especially those who put away a small amount of inexpensive screen gold. The parcels for sale were saved from melting because of their clean attractive appearance or beautiful shapes and character.

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