Gold Refining

Gold Refining Process

Types of gold accepted for recycling: All karats and colors of gold: 9k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 20k, 22k and 24k, red (rose), yellow and white.

Accepted Forms of Gold

  • Placer and natural nugget gold Lumps of unknown gold/melted gold alloy, dental gold Broken jewelry in any condition.
  • Gold coins

Scrap Gold Payment Rates

  • Less than .5 oz 90%
  • Less than one oz 95%
  • 1-2 oz 97%
  • 2-7 oz 98%
  • 7-10 oz 98.5%
  • 10-50 oz 99%
  • 50-300+ oz 99.3%

**For silver lots of less than 70% fine prices are less, the reason for this is the acids used to dissolve the base metals and silver usage goes up to dissolve such metals. If the lost is less than %70 and more than %40 pure, we will pay 80% of the values.

For less than %40 purity silver we will pay 70% and less

Step One: Examination and Recording

First your gold order is looked over to be sure that it is gold. Non gold items are pulled and seperated if easy and noticed and can be returned

Step two: Melt

The gold is them melted into a homogenous bar so the alloy is even for assay and testing.

Step Three: Test and Assay

Assay work is started to determine the exact gold content so you can be paid for the values.

Step Four: Refining

The gold is then prepared for purification. The surface area is expanded and alloy corrected for optimum refining results. The Gold is dissolved in a chemical solution based on its composition and selectively precipitated out of solution rinsed and melted to give us 999+ gold, Industry standard is 995 but we take it further.

“We like to inform people that we are a zero waste facility. Everything metal gets recycled and used.

An old wedding ring from 100 years ago may come in and with in a week that gold is in a new piece of jewelry or a bar or a coin.

And the base metals, the copper and other metals are saved and processed separately for recycling. With in a year the copper may be in your next phone or computer or car.

Everything is recycled and handled in a responsible manner.”